Petrol or Diesel Cars

petrolDeciding whether you want to go for a petrol or diesel car can be both a confusing and difficult decision if you don’t understand the main advantages and disadvantages of used cars or trucks for sale in Ireland. there is misconception out there that diesel motors are always more fuel efficient regardless of how there car is driven or what type of journey you normally go on. My advice to keep the matter simple is if you regularly go on longer runs including motorway usage a diesel would be more beneficial. Bear in mind how much the parts for sale will be for cars also as it will determine repair and maintenance costs. If you normally use the car for short tripe like school runs and grocery shopping a petrol car depending on engine size and average mpg could be the better option. This is an extremely simplified explanation but I hope it helps to answer a few of the questions you may have had when deciding between each option. Read the which article on petrol v diesel cars for more info to help you make a decision.