Petrol or Diesel Cars

petrolDeciding whether you want to go for a petrol or diesel car can be both a confusing and difficult decision if you don’t understand the main advantages and disadvantages of used cars or trucks for sale in Ireland. there is misconception out there that diesel motors are always more fuel efficient regardless of how there car is driven or what type of journey you normally go on. My advice to keep the matter simple is if you regularly go on longer runs including motorway usage a diesel would be more beneficial. Bear in mind how much the parts for sale will be for cars also as it will determine repair and maintenance costs. If you normally use the car for short tripe like school runs and grocery shopping a petrol car depending on engine size and average mpg could be the better option. This is an extremely simplified explanation but I hope it helps to answer a few of the questions you may have had when deciding between each option. Read the which article on petrol v diesel cars for more info to help you make a decision.


Relaxing on remote beachchecklists prior to holidays are not just something for the excessively fastidious amongst us, they are a basic necessity. Planning a holiday can be on par with planning a bank job in terms of unforeseen eventualities and overall complexity. The more law-abiding of us will hopefully have had more experience in the former and so should have some prior knowledge of those unforeseen aspects. You should not, therefore, feel like a bespectacled librarian for making a checklist, nor feel unprepared when unwilling to compromise your facade of cool spontaneity.

To make a successful all family inclusive holidays checklist you need to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time in front of that old square friend that is your computer. He contains everything you need to inform yourself sufficiently, providing you’ve hooked the chap up to the rest of the world of course.

Start with the destination. Look at weather reports for the area at the relevant time of year. If you are going on  Skiing holidays then this will determine whether your snow goggles are appropriate or your handsome palm tree shirt and shorts combo. It is important to take a flexible array of layers to cater for mischievously sporadic clouds.

Check out the local currency, how much things cost in the area and what they have to tempt you into frittering your money on. If you know you have a vulnerability to local markets on city breaks, or you’re married to one, add a few more bucks to your budget.

Find out what the local transport is like: whether you will need to rely on buses or hire a car. And if you’re planning on walking places, ensure you have a suitable alternate to your flip flops. There’s nothing worse than getting a blister early in the week when you plan on lots of walking, except for maybe then getting salty water and sand in it.

Once you start thinking about all these separate elements of your holiday, start writing down all the things you need to make it happen. There are lots of items that can make your life easier whilst there. Will your hotel have everything you need? Settling down in the evening with a bottle of red only to find you have no bottle opener, is a terrible thing indeed.

Segment your list into different areas; so break it down into documents, beach, clothes etc. and prioritise each one. When you come to pack it all, this helps organise you and also with weeding out items to make it all fit. Begin packing early so you can estimate how much of your list is realistically able to travel with you. If you are sharing a suitcase, ensure the guy does the bulk of the packing: he will be able to fit more in, trust me.

Double check your list. Never underestimate the importance of the list!

Insurance! This is also important. Make sure you have the right level of travel insurance so that if your all-encompassing, beautifully packed luggage should take a diversion to Taiwan, you can claim some compensation.

Experiencing the best theme parks in europe or just one of them can be a holiday to remember. If theme parks are your cup of tea check out them out.

There are sites out there that have drawn up holiday checklists for you which you can just print off, rather handily. These should just be considered a guideline though. Make sure you add your own personal items to your checklist so you’re not missing your favourite Andy McNab or girly equivalent.